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About Us 3Our mission is to provide superior quality retaining wall & site solutions at a fair and affordable cost, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our employees and the long-term safety of the project site resulting in unrivaled value as well as promoting a long standing relationship and trust with the customer.


ERW Site Solutions is a turn-key retaining wall and site solutions company headquartered in the Fort Worth, TX. Our business model allows us to provide cost competitive solutions with world class customer service. In addition, we provide design and structural engineering through independent licensed professionals. While we specialize in native stone gravity retaining walls, our site solutions also include all types of retaining walls and rock slope protection.

Other site solutions include; Water features & pond constructions, under building walls, waterfalls, fountains and creek amenities, waterway & dam construction, flagstone paving, seat walls & site furnishings, outdoor fireplaces & kitchens, swimming pool rock structures, bridges and drainage structures and
rehab of existing wooden tie walls.About Us 2

ERW Site Solutions also provides its customers with many extra services such as alternative design studies, permitting, certificates of completion, warranty documentation and wall maintenance information. All of our walls are designed and inspected by a licensed independent professional engineering firm. Most importantly, ERW Site Solutions is price competitive and quality oriented.


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